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series Drugost / Otherness, 2021/2023

wood, fabric, wax, plaster, glue, acrylic

various dimensions

    Otherness (2021-2023) is a series of tactile artworks that explores bodyhood, tactile visuality, femininity, historical heritage and artistic self-referentiality. The relationship with one’s own body is deconstructed and reestablished through a series of tactile objects, paintings and sculptures.


Objects of art are becoming bodies in space - pulled by gravity, sensitive to touch, carrying a bodylike pathos... Soft incarnate colors evoke a living, pulsating being; a variety of materials are simultaneously referring to an inherited history of ideals and thought.


The use of drapery and sculptural materials alludes softly to remains of Antiquity - the works explore the postmodern crisis of the mutable body (particularly the feminine body), while touching upon the greater historical and philosophical context of the western civilisation.


The works itself are self-referential, examining the conventions of painting and sculpture, such as the frame and the format. Some of them are given skin. The viewer is engaged in proprioceptive exploration of the works, partaking in the tactile and empathic female gaze.


Essence, 2021

wood, fabric, wax, plaster, glue, acrylic, enamel, oil

110 x 80 x 2 cm

Koža slike / The Skin of the Image, from the series Drugost / Otherness, 2021

wood, fabric, wax, plaster, glue, acrylic

33 x 33 x 10 cm

Amictus, 2023

wood, fabric, plaster, glue, acrylic

72 x 52 x 3 cm

The link between visuality and tactility is explored through a variety of unconventional painterly materials and organic forms, alluding to physical life of living beings - while placing the artwork itself in the autonomous category of a being with its own epidermis and skeletal support.

The series positions the human body in the imaginary realm, as well as the physical one, and offers the haptic approach as an alternative to hegemonic modes of representation and seeing. It is a critique of ocularcentrism, the privilege of sight in Western culture, and the male gaze - both of which define the contemporary perception of the human body. The body is reaffirmed as a point of warm contact with earthly existence - rather than a socially conceived object.

Drapery I, from the series Drugost / Otherness, 2022

wood, silk, wax

60 x 52 x 4 cm

Equilibrium, from the series Drugost / Otherness, 2022

wood, plaster, wax, acrylic, latex, fabric

various dimensions

Diptych, from the series Drugost / Otherness, 2022

wood, fabric, acrylic, glue, plaster, wax

Untitled, from the series Drugost / Otherness, 2022

ceramics, beeswax

various dimensions

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